Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just a quick note...

Hi all,
nothing much new.  I did talk to my holistic doctor today and he articulated his 3 part plan for me.
1. Clean up my gut with supplements. 60 days
2. Detox me with clay (another 60 days)
3. Maintenance program.

I also talked to him about my concerns about me being zinc deficient.  I read an interesting article that said Zinc and Nickel look a lot a like.  Bodys that are low in zinc start to bind to nickel instead and guess what?
Im allergic to nickel.

He agreed but said that my multi vitiamin should be giving me enough zinc.

Feet feel great but don't look the best.  I have been a little sloppy with my diet and I need to get that back in order.  Today I had glutten and chocolate. Tomorrow is a new day.

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