Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Continuing to Educate Myself

Hi All,
just wanted to drop a line to the people checking in...
First off - my skin still looks great! I am not on the strict Pagano diet any more - nor have I been for a long time but I still look and feel great.

As you know I contributed my healing to a healthier digestive track - and that education started,  with Dr Pagano's book called Healing Psoriasis Naturally.

I also did a lot of probiotic therapy and then detoxed with something called Medi Clear Plus - which I continue to put in my smoothies in the morning.

I also have gone completely organic (or as much as possible as sometimes it is just not available).

I started to read a book called "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and it has renewed my faith in going in organic, not just for my health but for the health of the planet.  I am not finished with the book yet but there is section that talks about the invention of synthetic fertilizers and what it does to our ground water - and ultimately drinking water, and dead zones in the ocean.

If you believe we are all connected - then perhaps you can start to view our psoriasis as a symptom of something off balance in your body - and ultimately on the planet.  Getting myself back in balance by replenishing the gut flora, removing toxins, and not retoxing myself has gotten me healthy, and because I am closely connected to my daughter - her skin has started to improve as well (she has eczema). After all, she eats what I eat - most of the time. ;)

People who read this blog may try to get themselves back in balance - start their own blog and continue the spread of knowledge about personal health, family health, community health, and dare I say it global health.

Everything starts with awareness. I am not saying my natural path will work for you, but I want you to be aware that it has worked for me, and thousands of others.

I want you to be aware of what you are eating and where it came from. If you eat a lot of processed food, you may be eating a lot of corn. Who cares? Well maybe your skin does. Maybe your health does.

More later.


  1. Great to know you are doing well Michele!

  2. My husband has both psoriasis and arthritis. He gave up the expensive Enbrel shots and started Pagano's diet. He bought the book, the teas and he is on this diet since August of last year. Joints pain are in remission but sometimes psoriasis comes back with patches that he never had before. At this point my husband is dissapointed and desperate.He thinks nothing works.Should he go back to meds? He is completely vegan, no blood pressure or cholesterol anymore but the red patches of skin come and go and recently intensified. I read your blog and I am trying to encourage him to persevere but he is really down.Please advice. Worried wife.

  3. Hi Worried Wife,
    So sorry for late reply I don't check this often as I don't have much new to say. My skin is still great. My daughter who ha eczema is also doing great after I got her diet under control.
    I am not a dr so I can't advise what your husband should do but it is like this, you have nothing to loose by eating better. When I started my detox I got worse before I got better, and so do many others. So that is actually a good sign. Sometimes my flare got so bad that I would use the steroidal cream for a few days just to get relief, but then I would stop because those have side effects.
    And as goofy as it sounds a positive attitude is paramount. I down loaded pictures of beautiful feet and said, would think over and over again thT my feet would look just as good. I did that until it no longer felt goofy and guess what, my feet do looks awesome now. It is easy to get discouraged because the process can take a year but tell him he has to be all in for a year.

    I had the same talk with my teenage daughter. Her doc gave her steroid cream for eczema and the rash was gone from her arms in a matter of days but then popped up on her neck. She agreed to try then natural path because she saw it work with me. The. I would catch her eating all kinds of wrong food and I would ask her why? She didn't want to give up the freedom of eating whatever she wanted. But I told her her skin was never going to get better that way. She decided to try again. We went shopping for the foods she wanted as long as it followed the Pagano rules. 2 months later her skin was clear.
    Eating right is had, no one wants to deny themselves. That is why 33% of America is obese. Pharmecuticals know we all was the easy was to get better and they try to capitalize on it. Billions of dollars on drugs that could be avoided if people just took better care of themselves. Don't blame your husband. It is human nature. You have to be strong willed in your belief that your body can heal itself if you give it the right nutrition and care.

    Ok, my rant is over. I hope he sticks to it. He has to believe he can and that his body will take care of itself. Like a scrapped knee. You know that eventually the scab will fall off and the scar will fade. Same with psoriasis. The skin will eventually heel if you allow it.

  4. Sorry for all of my typos. I used an eye pad and could see what I was typing. I think you can get the gist tho. :(

  5. Btw, I reread your post. Is he taking probiotics? If not tell him to do so. Also try the Medi clear plus. It is all in my blog but worth mentioning again.

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