Monday, September 19, 2016

September 2016

Hi all,
I haven't visited my blog in months. I joined a Psoriasis Survivor page on FB but haven't don't much else.  I was so happy to come here today to read several posts from people who said they were inspired by my blog with the pictures.
I want to let you know I am still clear but I do have a dime size spot on my shin. I know my diet has not been the best - too much sugar and too much stress. But I will just get it cleaned up.
I still take my probiotics and vitamins and try not to overdo any of the bad stuff but I know I fell off the wagon.
My daughter's arms that had the eczema is completely cleared and beautiful. Misery loves company and I like having someone else at home that insists on a salad when everyone else goes for pizza and soda. We still eat that stuff - but as an occasional treat, not standard fare..
I know some people asked for my email address so they can ask me more questions - but I have 3 email addresses that all have unread messages. Please just ask on this blog - chances are someone else has the same question.
I will do a better job of visiting and responding.
Take care of yourselves!


  1. Glad to hear from you Michele! I have one question. I cannot find the Medi Clear Plus. It's not on their website.... Is there a new product? Where did you get yours from?

    Thanks for the inspiration and all the best!

    1. Here it is :

  2. I just found your blog and I find it very encouraging. Can you please tell me what your breakfasts consist of when you first started Dr. Pagano;s diet? Thanks!

    1. My diet these days is nothing special because I am healed. But when I was trying to get better I would have oatmeal or smoothies with mediclear.

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  4. Hi Michelle, thank you for chronicling your journey towards being P free! It was so helpful and inspiring to know that it is possible to heal from psoriasis. I am on the Pagano diet also and would appreciate knowing which brands of supplements and detox cleanse you used. Also if you could share what blood work/tests you had done? I am currently not working with a holistic doctor but am considering a couple chiro/functional med doctors who could help me order the needed tests and allergy kits. Also was wondering how you tested your own pH levels? Thanks for the info in advance! Your blog is really a blessing for those of us who are on our path to healing. Thank you!