Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi all, been a while since I wrote. Still clear and my daughter's eczema cleared up as well. As you may have recalled she had eczema in the inside of her elbows. Being a teenager she wanted a doctor's advice, not mom's. They gave her cream which calmed rashes on her arms but popped up on her face instead. So off of the steroid cream and tried moms diet and probiotics. 2 months later her skin is clear.

Take care of yourselves.


  1. Hi Michele,
    I just read your blog, not completely :), I jumped to the end of it to see the results :)
    Thank, is inspiring. I started Pagano's diet 1 month ago and I'm having flare-ups. But I see that i'm on the good way. Thanks again for your blog, bless you. Calin from Romania

  2. I would like to address some questions regarding Pagano's diet if you decide to write me your email. Either way thanks :)

  3. Hi Michele, I've been reading your blog all day today fascinated and excited at how you healed your psoriasis. I've had psoriasis on my scalp since I was 16, and now I'm 21 and have developed psoriatic arthritis. I didn't want to rely so heavily on drugs and so I learned about holistic ways to treat autoimmune diseases and saw so many people had positive results from the Pagano diet, but what I love about your blog is seeing the progress pics and tips and your upbeat attitude. It's really given me hope, I used to think I ate fairly healthily too until I saw what things contributed to my psoriasis. Your blog is so inspirational to me, and I'm hoping I can cure myself from the inside out as well. I'm glad your hand and feet are clear!


    1. Keep at it. I haven't visited my blog in a while but I am glad it inspired you.

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  5. Hello. I have started a new Facebook page, Psoriasis Survivors, for people with p or pa that are interested in or are already following Dr. Pagano's Healing Psoriasis Diet. It's a support group for shared ideas, recipes, challenges and successes related to the diet. It is very difficult to follow but I have been following the diet for 2 years with really good success. I've gone from 35% coverage on my body and scalp to less than 5%. The diet has helped so much that it is the reason I've started this site. It's hard to follow and I, like many of you probably, have had severe depression because of p and pa. And now I just want spread the word and share camaraderie with others that are dealing with the same issues. I hope you'll join us. The Facebook page is called Psoriasis Survivors. And thank you Michelle for your amazing blog. You have inspired me on more than one occasion and it was your blog that got me excited to really try the diet two years ago for the second time. This time I've stuck with it and I'm so proud to not be using orals that have potentially dangerous side effects. I finally feel like I'm in control. Thank you!

  6. Michelle, I would love to have you as a voice on Psoriasis Survivors. It would be a great place to link all your work here too if you are interested. Thank you!

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  8. Hi V. I think I am on that FB, But let me doublecheck. I'm so glad my blog help to you. That's why I did it for. I'm still pretty clear even though I hardly follow the diet at all. ;0