Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Update.... No update

Hi all,
Psoriasis is becoming a distant memory for me. I am still clear.  I tell everyone that will listen that the key is in what they do and do not eat. Sometimes I underestimate how bad it once was, then I look at the old photos and get shocked all over again.

Best of luck to everyone trying to get better. It is possible.


  1. feels so good to read your blog and the journey you took to heal your psoriasis. All that you did was worth it and you have been rewarded well :)

    I am as well on Dr Pagano's diet for more than 2 months ( partially) but without an steady improvement. though I must admit it is not a bad progress. I was consuming fish and chicken as directed by pagano but felt that it might have been putting extra pressure of on my digestive system. So now i have decided to go veg.

    I am currently on this diet plan and thought if you could suggest ..

    Empty stomach morning - wheatgrass juice
    Breakfast items - papaya,moong sprouts,oat meal,amaranth sprouts, not everything everyday :)
    tea - slippery elm bark
    Lunch - green leafy salad in large quantity, some brown rice , lentil soup and vegetables cooked in 1 tea spoon oil
    Dinner - green raw vegetables and some steamed vegetables ( no nightshades)
    In between - watermelon/apple/pears

    Do you think i am eating enough ? I am 33 yr male. Because I realized I have lost weight significantly in last 2 month . Although I don't see loss of energy as still continue my running and breathing exercises

    Any feedback would be useful

  2. Hi. As you know I went veg for a while and lost a few pounds too. I think everything you are doing is great but add probiotics. I honestly think we need to heal our leaky gut and staying away from the bad stuff is a great first step, but getting that good bacteria in is very important.
    Finally, after a month with probiotics try the medi clear mix.
    Stay strong, I know you will heal.

  3. Yes, if you follow the meal plan, the exercise plan, and keep it up for 3 weeks, I firmly believe you can lose 10 pound. I think
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