Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toxicity Hair Report in

As you may recall I had a hair sample sent in to the lab to test myself for toxic metals.
I am dangerously high in Cobalt, Nickel, Barium, Gold, and Titanium.

Colbalt and Nickel are especially known to cause skin issues so maybe just maybe this is the key/cause to my psoriasis.

I have no idea how I got these metals in my system.  I work in an office in California - no exposure to manufacturing - but there it is.

My holistic Dr is going to put me on MediClear by Thorne to help me detox.  It you have any experience with this let me know.

He also told me to stop worrying about every little thing that I eat.  I seem to have a healthy diet and I am going to drive myself crazy trying to avoid everything that might give me a reaction.

So with that news I treated myself to a chocolate chip cookie. What I am really dying for is my saugage lasagne!!

My hand and feet are about the same as the last set of photos so nothing new to report there.


  1. Michelle, I found your blog by quite by accident! I was "googling" a concise list of what I need to start Dr. Pagano's Psoriasis healing diet in August...and your blog came up! I have to say it was definetly a good thing, however. Your feet and hands are identical to mine and I know it makes no sense, but it just made me feel good to know that I'm not alone and not weird...at least on that note!
    I will check in again and look through the archives on your blog

    Do you recommend blogging about the experience as a way of sort of doing a journal timeline and also keeping accountable to sticking with it when it gets difficult? Glad I found your blog and praying you are doing well!!

  2. Welcome! I wish you the best. A few people tell me there feet look just like mine. Is your left side worse than the right? I think the location means something, I just don't know what.

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