Monday, April 22, 2013

A quick post with pics

My feet and hands took a turn for the worse last weekend when I decided to do 3 hours worth of gardening. I spent most of Sunday with my feet propped up.  I used the baking soda and glycerin mixture that Pagano suggests.  It was too harsh for my hand but my feet didn't mind.

Today my feet are not in pain, in fact my right foot is looking a lot better.  The left foot looks pretty scary but at least it doesn't hurt.

I am sticking to the diet with no cheats.  I made the baked rainbow trout and sweet potato soup last night for the family.  We had it with a salad.  Hubby complains because it isn't our usual poison but he can always cook for himself if he hates it so bad.

Now for the pics:

Sunday Morning after the gardening

Monday Morning.

I actually think this is beginning to look like real skin!

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