Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beware of yellow curry potatos - March 21

At this point I still don't have my book yet.
I am really trying to do better but this where your willingness needs to be matched with some knowledge. My loving husband knew I was trying to stay away from meat so he made me a yellow curry coconut veggie stew. It was delicious but unfortunately it had a lot of cream and WHITE POTATOS!! I had to eat it - he made it for me! So I did.
All this time I have to say my feet are about the same.  I have no new spots.  I also have an old spot that is pretty much gone on my right hand.  And I have a more active (but not that active spot) on my right hand. In the past I also had a plaque or 2 on my scalp but here is the weird thing.  I never itch!
I know many P sufferers out there have it a lot worse than me.  They talk about being covered, in pain, itchy like crazy.  I think this is another reason my doctors were useless to me - my case wasn't serious enough for them to really pay attention.  Perhaps they saw me as a complainer.
Lesson #5: Don't wait for things to get worse before you fix them now.
My doctors (I won't speak for all) didn't really care about preventative care.  They would all end my appointment with, come back if it gets worse. Hhhmm.
I am hoping that holistic healers (never met one yet) look at everything and don't wait for it to get worse before they try to fix it.  I think our bodies are trying to tell us things, but we need to listen.
I am still drinking coffee with cream. I am still putting brown sugar in my oatmeal. And I am still drinking my 8 glasses of lemon water. I still do these things because it is old habits that I haven't broken yet.  Cold turkey is not for everyone, but little by little I am making changes.

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