Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Learning a lot... No real answers

I have read so much about diets and theories about what we eat,  why we should eat different things, and in which order that frankly I am beginning to get overwelmed.
I have bought so many nautural remedies: Vitamin D, Pro Biotics, Lecithin, Saffron tean, Slippery Elm, Spirulina, Omega-3, Colon Cleanse, flax seed oil, PH strips, glyerin, castor oil, dead sea salts, etc.

Wow, all of that easily ran me at least $300. All still cheaper than one tube of ointment that my derm perscribed a few months ago, but still.

Enough is enough! I really need to simplify.  I can see why people give up and just want to be told what to do. "Give me a pill for my ill." - It seems easy but if you are reading this blog you know the "easy way" just might make things worse.

I am not giving up but I am simplifying:
1. no meat except for fish 4 x a week.
2. raw food every day for at least 2 meals.
3. I am doing a 30 day Deep Cleanse. No one told me to do this but I think it makes sense to me.
4. Fruit in the mornings only on an empty stomach.
5. If I eat fish in a meal - then no grains or dairy for that meal.
6. Glycerin every chance I get - it is keeping the feet soft.
7. Omega-3 2000 units.
8. Probiotics 2x a day for the next 2 weeks.
9. no booze until I heal.
10. 1 cup of coffee a day with no cream
11. try to avoid gluten

I will stick with this and only this for 4 weeks and stop over thinking this.
Now for the pics:
The hand is the worse it has ever been, but I think it was because of the baking powder mix I put on it on Sunday.

The left foot looks worse than it feels.

The right foot looks like it is healing.


  1. You're doing awesome Michelle, better than I am because I hit a big anti-vegetable wall this week. But it's baby steps. Have you tried hemp oil? A friend of mine has been using it and it's really cleared her P up.

  2. I am actually digging all of the veggies.
    Tonight hubby went out with his friends so I was able to torture my kids with a veggie night.
    We had portobello mushrooms, (the big ones) grilled like steak. I thought it was tastier than steak. We had Seeds of Change brown rice with quinoa. These little packets are so todo but you have to read the ingredients, some flavors have paprika. We also had cauliflower with sugar peas and carrots with hummus.
    Also salad!
    They ate it but they complained a bit. ;)
    I never tried hemp oil. Do you put it on the skin or ingest it? Try it and let me know how it works.

    1. I am with you on being overwhelmed with all the suugested treatments and diets. There have been a few times I just want to call my dermatologist and have her give me a steroid shot or a prescription for prednisone but I am not gonna give up either. Thanks for your blog so we can see your progress.

    2. Hi Kelly,
      I tried to respond yesterday but I guess I hit the wrong button. Thank you for your comment. I can see hundreds of people look at my site every day but few take the time to post. Its ok because I see a lot of posts on inspire.com.

      I am glad to know that this is proving some comfort to other sufferers.
      I get frustrated with before and after pictures because I want to know what to expect every step of the way. ;)